• Image of Fu 30, Pt. 1

This is a new 3 song 10" recorded January 2020. It has 2 new original songs, "time is going on / as you crawl" plus a cover of the Doobie Brothers "takin' it to the streets" done Fu Manchu style. This also includes a download card for all three songs. This is on clear orange vinyl.

This is the 1st of three 3 song 10"s that we will be releasing throughout this year celebrating our 30 year anniversary as Fu Manchu!

This is a PREORDER for now and will start shipping at the end of April. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Might be a slight delay due to the virus happening but we will get these out as soon as possible.

Limited pressing. We will try to throw some flyers or stickers in with every order.

This is only for sale through us inside the USA. Shipping will be through fedex priority mail. We have to do one price for shipping everywhere.

Outside the USA please contact Cargo UK for a copy and to save on shipping. www.cargorecordsdirect.co.uk

Thanks and stay safe!!!!

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