• Image of Godzilla's / Eatin' Dust +4 10"

This is a triple Gatefold / triple 10" release which has the original 1996 10" songs "Godzilla (B.O.C.) / Module Overload / Living Legend" and the 1999 10" songs "Eatin' Dust / Shift Kicker / Orbiter / Mongoose / Pigeon Toe" plus 4 unreleased songs from the 1996 session included on the 3rd 10". Those songs are "Grendel, Snowman / Strolling Astronomer / Urethane / Jailbreak (Thin Lizzy). each 10" is a different swirl colored vinyl.

These are for sale not but will be sent out as soon as the coronavirus lets up and things get back to normal.


This is for inside the USA only.

These will be mailed out through fedex priority.

Outside the USA please contact cargo records.co.uk to save on shipping

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Sent out with priority mail.

orders will ship out dec 27th.

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