• Image of In Search of... LP + 7"
  • Image of In Search of... LP + 7"

2020 reissue of "in search of..." release that will come in a gatefold sleeve with never before seen photos and flyers from that era. This is remastered as well. Included will be a 7" with a cover of "chevy van" and a demo version of "redline". Both the LP and 7" will be on splattered colored vinyl. This is a vinyl only reissue.

Limited pressing for this release.

These are only available from us through this big cartel store in the USA. Everyone outside the USA can order one from Cargo UK distribution.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping.

We will mail these out as soon as possible. Might be a delay due the the virus.

They will be mailed out through fedex priority. We realize that some parts of the states are cheaper than others but we had to do a one cost for shipping for the entire USA.


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